Following are some frequency asked questions and answers:

- SHIPPING CONTROLLER requires the real-time carrier shipping feature in order to work. This is available for FREE! On the Basic Shopify Plan for $29 (Annually), or on the Advanced Shopify Plan for ($299/month). However, you can still add the real-time carrier shipping feature to the Basic Shopify Plan ($29/month) or to the Shopify Plan ($79/month), without fully upgrade to the Advanced Shopify Plan. To get this feature added to your current plan, please email Shopify directly (http://www.shopify.com/contact) and let them know that you want to add the real-time carrier shipping feature in order to use SHIPPING CONTROLLER. They will be pleased to add the feature to your store for a small fee.

- Yes! Take advantage of our Tiered Shipping feature.

- Unfortunately SHIPPING CONTROLLER does not support that feature at this time..

- Unfortunately it is not yet possible to mix and match shipping solutions with SHIPPING CONTROLLER. You will have to use SHIPPING CONTROLLER for all your products.

- Yes an no. If you have both shipping calculators and SHIPPING CONTROLLER installed on your shop, shipping rates will be generated and presented from both the calculator, and SHIPPING CONTROLLER to the customer. The customer will undoubtedly choose the cheaper option, though this is probably not the functionality you will be looking for. Our recommendation is to avoid mixing SHIPPING CONTROLLER with other shipping calculators to avoid surprises and complications.

- Of course! SHIPPING CONTROLLER works in all countries that use Zip/Post codes.

- Yes! SHIPPING CONTROLLER will use whichever currency you are using in your Shopify Settings.

- The "per product" shipping sets the same price for all of the variants in that product. So if you have a t-shirt product with a small and large size variants, you can set your t-shirt to have $5 "per product" shipping, and if a customer orders a small or a large t-shirt, they will be charged $5 for each of them. If you need to set the variants of that product to individual prices, such as $3 for the small, and $5 for the large, unforunatlely that is not available yet! If you would like to be put on the notification list for this update, please email us at support@shippingcontroller.com and let us know you are interested!

- Unfortunately not at this time. The extra cost that you can add in the delivery areas will be applied to the total cart shipping to that area.

- The default shipping rate is 0. Please make sure to add shipping price for all the products. To set the shipping rate you can use the bulk update feature.